Rich Johnson

rich pic I’m a firm believer that success is a result of following your dreams… Whatever they may be. I also believe that the most fulfilling profession is the one you create to fit your lifestyle. That is why being an entrepreneur and working with fellow business owners to achieve their goals brings me great satisfaction.   My dream started when I was 17 in New York City and I joined the U.S. Navy to serve 10 years as a Naval Aviator prior to pursuing my legal education. I realized that I was meant to climb my own ladder after climbing the ladders in the federal and private sectors. I served as Attorney Advisor to Administrators of Federal Health Care Agencies. In the private world, I gained corporate and business experience as a young associate in one of the nation’s largest law firms and focused on advising health care corporations, mergers, acquisitions and learned the art of the deal. It was here, that I appreciated the rewards of being an entrepreneur by representing them legally in the pursuit of their business dreams.   An entrepreneur at heart, I used my regulatory and corporate experience to build Johnson & Associates with the main focus on helping individuals and small businesses achieve their dreams and also to create, preserve and transfer wealth to future generations.   I am a big believer in legacy planning and building. I focus almost 100% of my time to help clients acquire, preserve and grow their wealth through his knowledge of estate planning, business law, real estate law and how they apply to every-day lives and business practices.   I’m also a Member to the WealthCounsel, a national network of attorneys that are authorities in the area of Wealth Law. I’ve also acquired professional business licenses in the areas of mortgage finance, insurance, title and real estate and own several professional services companies in these fields.   My team of attorneys and business professionals serve the Baltimore-Washington area residents and business owners every day. We seek to make change to better the lives of the community one client at a time.