About Us

Johnson & Associates Origins

WHO-WE-ARE-HISTORYThe origins of Johnson & Associates can be traced back to 1999 and one man who recently passed the Maryland State BAR.  After working as a corporate attorney for one of the nation’s leading law firms, he followed  his dream to build a comprehensive professional services corporation that catered to the core needs of both the business and personal sectors.  Johnson & Associates was born.
The spirit of Johnson & Associates is to provide the highest level professional services for all its clients. This was accomplished originally with the law firm. Working with small to medium sized businesses, and their owners, Johnson & Associates has provided counsel to many and assisted in their navigation through many stages of our turbulent economy.
Through helping clients resolve their legal needs, we realized that the law was only one slice of our clients’ overall needs. Understanding what business owners and individual community members needed, Johnson & Associates then sought to create a full service firm to not only protect our client’s assets, but to facilitate in areas of need we all share by adding Real Estate, Insurance and Capital to our firm.
Today, Johnson & Associates is the  culminations of what began with one man, and evolved into a shared vision of many.  In addition on expanding our service areas, we partnered and built teams of top professionals in each of our business areas in order to distinguish Johnson & Associates as one of the nation’s only firms to focus on law, real estate, insurance and capital.